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fnook Featured By Owner May 3, 2011  Professional Filmographer
Yeah, I imagine some would try to argue that Flash would be just as capable, but working in full broadcast HD, No.. On a technical level, flash is nowhere near as capable. Until Adobe gets off their asses and provides a dedicated CAMERA to Flash, I'll review my opinion. But until then it's NOT a production tool in my opinion. Even the Flash development team stands strongly on the grounds that their software is for web development, not production. They told us that themselves back when we tried to partner with them. They told us "to stop using their software for a purpose it wasn't intended for".
**Please watch in HI-Quality DIVX mode. It just looks and plays back so much better**

Scaredy Squirrel will be premiering on YTV in Canada on April 1st @ 4:25pm! Make sure to catch it!

For those of you outside of Canada, check out the main YTV page for the show, where you can see clips, download wallpapers and more. [link]

When I get more information on USA broadcasters/schedules I will make sure to post it.
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